About US

About Us Throneroom is a non-denominational para-church ministry. It is not a church, however, in our mission efforts we plant churches. Several churches have been planted among muslims in Northern Nigeria, Northern Camaroon, Republic of Nigeria and Indonesia. Drawing from the apostolic pattern of the book of Acts, each church planted reflects the local culture to enable them to meet the local requirements of their congregation. Our missionaries will teach, train and equip local pastors to take over these churches before moving to another region. Throneroom has branches and mission outposts in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Cameroon, Niger (in alliance with Indonesia) and in Nigeria.


  1. THE WATCHMAN MINISTRY: To tilt Nations to fulfill divine destines by Prophetic Prayer and Action, the fulfilling of the ministry of the Watchman.

  2. MISSIONS: Racing against the time to reach out to completely UNREACHED TRIBES AND NATIONS especially along the Islamic belt.
    • Carrying out medical missions to un-reached and deprived people groups.

  3. HOSPITALITY: This is divided into two sections:
    • The Joseph Vision: A storehouse vision for the time of need and leanness.
    • Clinics and Guest Houses.

  4. DISCIPLESHIP AND MENTORSHIP: To raise disciples to look like Christ in character and action, in spirit and flesh. Throneroom provides mentorship to the body of Christ and gives special emphasis to ministers. Throneroom holds the Council of War (a Minister’s Conference) every year before the Annual International Prophetic Prayer Conference. The annual prayer conference is held in Kafanchan, Kaduna State, Nigeria every last week of October. A branch of the Ministry has been planted in North America in Tallahassee, Florida, where there is an annual Throneroom Prophetic Prayer Conference held each August.
To equip the body of Christ, Throneroom has a SCHOOL OF PROPHECY AND BIBLICAL STUDIES where students do not graduate until they can